Rod Wess Returns: Performing Live at Your Mom's House!

Are you ready for a musical experience like no other? 

After a decade-long hiatus, the prodigiously talented guitarist and DJ, Rod Wess, is returning to the scene with an explosive mix of EDM, Metal, and Cinema that will leave you in awe. Mark your calendars for the electrifying event taking place on August 10th at the vibrant "Your Mom's House" venue in Colorado, as Rod Wess presents “Conjunction 101: The Blue Haze Set.”


Rod Wess is no stranger to the limelight, having already amassed a dedicated following of 20,000 fans on Facebook who eagerly await his triumphant return. His musical prowess is nothing short of extraordinary, and with his unique blend of genres, he's set to push the boundaries of what's possible on the stage.

At the heart of Rod Wess's captivating performance is his unrivaled Tabletop guitar setup, a testament to his artistry and innovation. Merging the digital realm with the raw energy of live instrumentation, Rod's setup boasts cutting-edge gear that elevates his music to a whole new dimension.


Leading the charge is the Denon Prime Go DJ controller, a powerful and versatile tool that allows Rod to seamlessly mix tracks, add effects, and curate an immersive journey through soundscapes. This state-of-the-art controller empowers him to create on-the-fly remixes and craft unique transitions that keep the crowd on their feet, hungry for more.

Complementing the Denon Prime Go is the Line 6 HX Stomp, a game-changing multi-effects processor that unleashes a plethora of guitar tones. From ethereal reverbs to blistering distortions, Rod Wess wields this sonic weapon with mastery, injecting the essence of Metal into his spellbinding electronic compositions.

Behind the scenes, the Yamaha Mixer takes center stage, acting as the control hub that orchestrates the symphony of sound. Precisely balancing every element, the mixer allows Rod to unleash his artistic vision, ensuring that every note resonates with the audience's soul.

The centerpiece of the night, "Conjunction 101: The Blue Haze Set," is a carefully crafted masterpiece that fuses EDM, Metal, and Cinema into an unforgettable auditory spectacle. Expect to be taken on a sonic journey, where each track harmoniously intertwines, transporting you to otherworldly realms.

Rod Wess's return to the stage is not just about a single performance; it marks the genesis of a new era in music, where innovation and artistry converge. With his talent and charisma, Rod is poised to make a resounding impact on the music industry.

But this is not just a solo endeavor. Rod Wess is seeking to collaborate with forward-thinking companies that embrace creativity and originality. With his unique Tabletop guitar setup and visionary approach to music, he aims to forge mutually beneficial partnerships that redefine the landscape of live performances.

So, music enthusiasts and industry pioneers alike, join us on August 10th at "Your Mom's House" as we witness the rebirth of a musical prodigy. Secure your spot for "Conjunction 101: The Blue Haze Set" and be part of history in the making. Rod Wess's triumphant return promises to ignite the night with a blazing mix of EDM, Metal, and Cinema that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Don't miss out on this exceptional musical odyssey. Be there to witness Rod Wess unleash his Tabletop guitar setup magic and captivate hearts with his groundbreaking artistry.

Get ready to soar beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Let Rod Wess's music light up your universe, one electrifying note at a time.

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