Unveiling 'Haze in PLUR': A Musical Journey

Welcome, music enthusiasts, to a sonic adventure unlike any other. 

By Rod Wess: Assisted by AI: Last Updated: 4/21/2024

Today, we're diving into the heart of "Haze in PLUR," the latest electrifying release from the visionary artist, Rod Wess.

With a fusion that defies convention, Rod Wess has carved out a unique niche in the realm of music, seamlessly blending the pulsating energy of EDM with the raw power of Metal. But "Haze in PLUR" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Rod Wess's innovative spirit and his unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries.

Haze in PLUR; Track Cover

This groundbreaking track comes hot on the heels of Rod Wess's recent accolade as the Best Metal EDM Artist of 2024, awarded by none other than Denver's prestigious Westword publication. This recognition underscores Rod Wess's profound impact on the music scene, cementing his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

"Haze in PLUR" takes listeners on a visceral journey through the highs and lows of festival and concert life, capturing the essence of euphoria and exhilaration while delving into the darker corners of human experience. With its infectious beats, and soaring melodies, this track is a true embodiment of Rod Wess's artistic vision.

Watch the Haze in PLUR Video Now!

But what sets "Haze in PLUR" apart is its ability to transcend genres and defy expectations. Whether you're a die-hard Metalhead, a fervent EDM enthusiast, or simply a lover of groundbreaking music, this track offers something for everyone.

As you immerse yourself in the hypnotic rhythms of "Haze in PLUR," allow yourself to be swept away by its infectious energy and unparalleled creativity. Join Rod Wess on this exhilarating musical odyssey, and experience the magic of "Haze in PLUR" for yourself.

Behind the Scenes: Haze in PLUR video shoot

Stay tuned for more updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content from Rod Wess as he continues to push the boundaries of music and redefine what it means to be an artist in the digital age.


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Voted Best Metal EDM Artist 2024 by Denver's Westword: Rod Wess is An American filmmaker, guitarist, composer, and screenwriter. 
Wess's films have appeared on the ShortsHD channel, along with screening at several film festivals.
A prolific guitarist, Wess has developed a genre of EMD infused Metal that is breaking norms and traditions.
Wess attributes Mozart, Dave Mustaine, Paco de Lucía, Julian Bream, and The RZA, as his primary influences. 

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