Rod Wess Revolutionizes the Music Scene with Groundbreaking 'Trap Metal' Genre

The Story Behind ‘Shaolin Tactics’

By Rod Wess, assisted by AI: Last Updated April 5th, 2023

Rod Wess, a visionary guitarist, and producer, is set to redefine the boundaries of guitar music with the highly anticipated release of his latest single and video, "Shaolin Tactics," on June 2nd, 2023. Inspired by the raw energy of thrash metal and the storytelling prowess of hip-hop legends like the Wu-Tang Clan, Wess has crafted a unique sound that he dubs "Trap Metal."

‘Shaolin Tactics’ is an auditory and visual feast, merging high gain guitar music with the irresistible rhythm of trap beats, all paired with stunning kung-fu choreography. Directed by the talented Kate and Kody Kurth, the music video is a striking testament to Wess's desire to create something truly groundbreaking.

Wess's journey with the guitar began over 30 years ago, and he has passionately honed his craft ever since. Leveraging new technologies and a diverse array of influences – from metal, classical, blues, and hip-hop – Wess has created a sound that transcends genres and connects with a global audience.

BTS Photo: Rod Wess before a take on the Shaolin Tactics Set

A staunch believer in the power of music to bring people together, Wess aims to create a space where everyone, regardless of their musical preferences, can find a guitar hero to call their own. By introducing high gain guitar music to audiences that have historically felt disconnected from the genre, Wess is carving out a unique fanbase.

"I found that those who don't listen to metal aren't opposed to the musicians; they just need someone to meet them halfway," Wess explains. With "Shaolin Tactics," he does precisely that, offering a musical experience that resonates with fans of both metal and street-savvy trap music.

BTS Photo: Rod Wess during Kung-Fu/Tai Chi takes during Shaolin Tactics Shoot.

Rod Wess's pioneering approach to guitar music is a testament to his belief that everyone deserves a chance to connect with the transformative power of music. As "Shaolin Tactics" is unveiled to the world, it will undoubtedly inspire listeners to expand their musical horizons and embrace the innovative spirit of 'Trap Metal.'


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Rod Wess is An American filmmaker, guitarist, composer, and screenwriter.
Wess's films have appeared on the ShortsHD channel, along with screening at several film festivals.
A prolific guitarist, Wess has developed a genre of Trap infused Metal that is breaking norms and traditions.
Wess attributes Mozart, Dave Mustaine, Paco de Lucía, Julian Bream, and The RZA, as his primary influences. 

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